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Lunch that lingers….

Posted by on October 10, 2011

I had the opportunity last Wednesday to share lunch with a group of young ladies. Lunch consisted of a healthy salad and hearty bowl of soup with a side of delicious bread from a local favorite, Cafe Teresa. I was there to share my story. To talk about Time at the Table, our mission, our goals and hopefully even convince a few ladies to become supporters. It was a business lunch, only this time I was on the learning side of things.

Sure, I shared startling statistics and collective stories from families on how family dinner is a huge key into building healthy families. I brought materials to hand out, books to pass around, posters to see and even tickets to sell (for our Fall Harvest Dinner, just in case). The plan shifted the moment I sat down. My first conversation began with someone whose child lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn (as I mentioned in an earlier post). From there, I just listened. I opened my mind and began to learn about the culture of this community. These ladies knew a lot more than I probably ever will and were willing to share in this knowledge.

They didn’t just share about the community; they challenged me. They are all mothers who at times questioned my approach while very supportive of the cause. They showed me by example, how to manage love for community and love for family. They lived their lives in a manner of professionalism that gleamed and empowered a bystander like myself to want to do more. So thank you ladies, your lunch still lingers and greatly impacted me!

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