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Real Food Dinner: Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese Dates

Posted by on May 18, 2012

Don't worry, Kody is a lover not a fighter.

Hello there and thanks for joining us.

Have you lost some weight?

You look great!


May I get you a glass of wine?

Well I am here to kick off our virtual progressive dinner for Food Revolution Day. Okay, okay technically it is not until tomorrow, May 19th, but who doesn’t love a little pre-party…

First, let me tell you I have slaved over tonight’s appetizers. I searched through numerous cookbooks and online trying to find the perfect one. Do I pick something sweet? What about something savory? How much time will I have to prepare for everyone since everyone is just dropping by when they can? I finally came to the conclusion that nothing beats bacon wrapped/blue cheese dates.  I was first introduced to them by a board member for Time at the Table, Nina, who came to a dinner party and grabbed something on the way to the event. In a flurry she whipped these delectables in a few minutes and in the oven they were. Needless to say my hours in the kitchen didn’t stand a chance to the “mmmmm” and “wow’s” that these little guys seemed to produce. I think you are going to be very pleased.

You will need:

a package of bacon (make sure it’s a good bacon and not the cheap stuff!)

pitted dates

a wedge of blue cheese


  1. Preheat the oven to 350

  2. Simple cut the bacon strips in half
  3. Slice open the dates (you can simply take out the pits if they have it) and place a piece of blue cheese inside the date
  4. Close the date and wrap a piece of bacon and set into the pan (end piece down so they don’t unravel)
  5. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the bacon is fully cooked
  6. Serve warm

Is that not simple or what?

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And….leave a comment to let us know how you are celebrating Food Revolution Day or simply say hello and one lucky person will win this box of Family Dinner questions when I choose the name tomorrow (Saturday May 19th).




3 Responses to Real Food Dinner: Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese Dates

  1. Jeanne @JollyTomato

    Wow – This looks amazing! You had me at bacon, but I love the blue cheese/date combination too. This was fun – Thanks for doing it!

  2. Rebecca

    Love this virtual dinner party idea – and bacon and blue cheese is always a winner!

  3. Billy Mawhiney

    Thank you both so much!

    @Jeanne it’s truly irresistible and oh so easy!

    @Rebecca – so so true!