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As summer comes to an end…

Posted by on August 15, 2012
As summer comes to an end…
We have been quiet this summer, but I assure you it was for a great reason. This summer we have been working relentlessly on our Kitchen Kids Resource Guide. We have been testing recipes and lesson plans, taking notes, asking the participants questions, trying out toaster ovens, learning to make muffins in a classroom, etc.
In October…
We will have available a free resource guide for schools and organizations on how to bring a “teaching kitchen” program to their community. We hold value in the life skills children can learn in a from scratch cooking class. The exploration and hands on experience is endless.

As we finalize this process we invite you to the table. We need a final push with editing and printing. It will cost us approximately $3000 to produce 1000 booklets.

Our goal is simply to find the following donors:
10 donors @ $100 = $1000 (33 groups get a free guide)
30 donors @ $50 = $1500 (16 groups get a free guide)
50 donors @ $10 = $500 (3 groups get a free guide)

We need help with your donation, but it doesn’t stop there. We need help to spread the news. Do you know of friends, colleagues and family you can share this with? This is a pivotal moment as we move forward in our quest to reclaim family dinner. Will you join us?


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