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Top 5

Posted by on October 23, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Make Family Dinner Less Stressful

5. Realize that family time is what you are seeking.  Do not stress over the meal, just feed your family what you are comfortable with.

4. Deconstruct your adult meal for the young ones so they can try new things and you don’t have to make multiple meals. – (taken from Dinner: A Love Story)

3. Dust off the slow cooker and toss in some veggies, a meat and something saucy. It really can be that simple.

2. Start slow. Look at your calendars and agree on just one day. Don’t be the person who signs up for the gym, buys new clothes and overdoes it the first couple days only to quit. You are building a tradition, not a fast food family.

1. Keep the table clean. In our house, it seems to be a catch all for keys, books, mail, etc. You would never hang a coat on your tv, because for it to be useful you have to be able to see it.


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