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Top 5 – October 30, 2013

Posted by on October 30, 2013
Photo courtesy of Time at the Table

Photo courtesy of Time at the Table

Our Top 5 list for Halloween

5. Halloween is not the problem when it comes to kids, sugar and obesity. Andi Bellatti nailed it this week for me. I personally choose non-candy items to hand out but am not appalled at the people who do. Halloween is more controlled, smaller in amounts and dammit it’s fun to dress up and get something a little naughty for you in return once a year. Did you know Lucky Charms cereal has 28 grams of sugar in 2 Cups vs a snickers has 26.2 grams. One is labeled a candy bar and the other breakfast, but we don’t think twice about that.

4. Alternatives can be just as fun as candy. In our house we started a tradition 3 years ago of carving clementines to look like mini jack-o-lanterns. Completely inspired by our friends at Little Ladies Who Lunch! They were such a hit with the kids, we now have requests. Also of a cute inspired note, our friend handed her son a clementine and he just kept looking at it and turning it around. When asked what he was doing he replied, “I’m looking for the face!”

3. Don’t give candy the power. If we are going to rely on food to alter our mood or set the precedence for the day, let’s make it saffron chicken or lobster or whatever your taste buds call for. You are worth more than a cheap trick candy gives.

2. Be conscious but don’t lose sleep over it. Keep in mind allergies such as peanuts, but a simple note on the door stating you are handing out something allergy based is as far as you need to go.

1. Have fun! Remember what it’s like to be a kid on Halloween and don’t be the grumpy parent consistently correcting your child wishing you were at a bar or anywhere else that serves adult beverages. This is an opportunity for quality time with your child!

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