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Top 5 – Conversations

Posted by on November 15, 2013

Sometimes, the effort of making it through the day with work, playing taxi to children, paying bills, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. is hard enough. You have to make conversations at dinner and keep a good flow? Really?! I’m not a fan of playing games, but rather utilizing the time you have together to create memories and learn more about each other.

Here are 5 conversation topics for dinner:

5. Stay away from the yes/no/maybe, one word answers. It’s a trap that leads to more work than return, especially if you have teenagers who are great at making grunting noises and handing out dirty looks. Instead try the lottery conversation. If you won the lottery what are 5 things you would buy yourself and 5 things you would buy other people.

4. Leaving the electronics away from the table can be tough for some people, while others look forward to it. Next time this comes up, discuss the pros and cons of electronics in our lives.

3. Discuss the idea of a hobby you miss doing. Family dinner can be that moment of the day in the midst of chaos, so use that time to rekindle an old hobby flame like reading, quilting, fishing, or whatever tickles your fancy.

2. Discuss politics and religion with teenagers, and social topics like bullying with younger ones. Use this time wisely to have some serious and deep conversations.

1. My last resort is “what’s missing”. It’s interpretive that could be from dinner, from life, from school, from the room, from your closet and the lists goes on and on. What did you notice was missing today?

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