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Top 5 – Thanksgiving

Posted by on November 26, 2013

As cliche as it can be, this week’s Top 5 is all about being thankful


5. Food – the food on your table, the excess of food on your table and the fact that according to our friends at The Food Think Tank: “Some five million tons of food—enough to fill the John Hancock Building more than 14 times—will be wasted between Thanksgiving and the end of 2013.” Create a plan to use leftovers or find friends, family, or organizations willing to accept donations.

4. Family – the fun ones, the sophisticated ones and even the annoying ones. When times get rough nobody sticks around like family. You may be feuding, but tomorrow is never promised, so let’s put aside all differences enjoy the company.

3. Laughter – If you are hosting, stress can easily take over the day (or days leading up to), but remember to sit down with a glass of wine once in a while and laugh. Laugh that aunt sally tucked her dress into her underwear after coming out of the bathroom or laugh at yourself for misreading the recipe and using 3 TBSP instead of 3 tsp.

2. Freedom – your ancestors, neighbors and you fight for freedoms every day. Freedom can be political, military, or a plethora of ideals, but simply put freedom is a choice and you are at this table, on this day, at this time, so look around at the choices you are surrounded by and take it in.

1. Love – since the beginning of recorded time food, family and love are all intertwined. Enjoy the love you receive and make a commitment to giving more in the years to come.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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